Live sites developed with Website Template
Product Features

Provision to add any number of menus and configure the same according to your need.
Provision to select web page template like photo gallery, download page etc.
Provision to customize the header and footer items from the web admin panel.
Provision to customize the left and right pane from the web admin panel.
Provision to add any number of pages in your website dynamically.
E Mailing support.
SEO Keyword incorporation support.
Banner display based on predefined policies.
Easy to use layout supplemented by context sensitive help.
Manage web site users and their security levels.
Support for both MS Access and SQL Server databases.
Provision for setting the web page themes and layout.
Easy to use HTML editor for editing the contents without the knowledge of HTML.
Provision for setting the banners and advertisements.
Easy to extend the Website Template using Add-on.
Online Customer support for premium customers.

Online Video Tutorials

Website Template Add-ons

Add-on is a powerful technology that enables third party companies to extend the features of Website Template at a later point of time.

Some of the add-ons already developed by our team as well as third party companies are given below.

  • E-Commerce Add-on

This add-on will transform the Website Template to a powerful E-Commerce site. This means that in addition to the normal features which you can find in Website Template, you can sell your products online by incorporating this addon.

Configure E-Commerce add-on product pages, optimize the keywords in search engine through Website Template control panel, you can run your E- commerce site in minutes. Payment gateways like paypal and plimus are already supported in this add-on. Try it for free from our Download Page.